9th meeting of the Parliamentary Forum on European Integration

In the organization of the Joint Committee on European Integration of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina (PABiH), today in Sarajevo was held the 9th meeting of the Parliamentary Forum on European Integration, composed of the members of the committees on  European integration of the PABiH, the Parliament of the Federation BiH, the National Assembly of Republika Srpska, the Assembly of Brčko District of BiH, as well as the presidents of cantonal assemblies in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The parliamentarians from all levels of government welcomed the holding of the conference titled "Two years since the entry into force of the Stabilization and Association Agreement", which was organized in early June of this year as an expression of wish of the members of the PABiH Joint Committee on European Integration to talk about progress and further steps in the process of European integration of BiH.

In a joint statement, the participants of the 9th meeting of the Parliamentary Forum welcomed the efforts of all levels of government in BiH to give credible answers to the European Commission's Questionnaire and invited all participants in that process to provide clear and precise answers  and to finish this work. In this regard, the parliamentarians stressed that the adopted Coordination Mechanism must become fully operational and warned that only joint work and finding solutions through compromise regarding the implementation of the Action Plans for the realization of the Reform Agenda can provide a satisfactory result.

The parliamentarians stressed the need to strengthen the oversight role of parliaments in the process of European integration, as well as the need to strengthen the function of informing and involving the broader public in activities of BiH on its path to the European Union. In this connection, the parliamentarians have supported the holding of round tables organized in major cities and municipalities across BiH by the PABiH Joint Committee on European Integration, with the support of the OSCE Mission to BiH

Regarding the information on EU IPA 2 assistance program for our country, it was emphasized that this is a key instrument in the European integration process, since, as it was said, it is about the financial assistance that implies the implementation of reforms and the adoption of national development strategies in particular sectors. It is proposed that all parliaments in BiH request at least twice a year from the executive power the information on fulfilling the conditions and the use of EU IPA 2 Assistance Funds for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the meeting, it was exchanged the information regarding what legislative institutions have done between two sessions of the Parliamentary Forum related to the European integration process. (end)



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