Common Service

Common Services Section

Head: Emina Šalinović

Following departments are within Common Services Section:

Registry Department

Registry Department Responsibilities assigning incoming mail to the working bodies and services of the Parliamentary Assembly - Updating the addresses of Members of the Parliamentary Assembly and other beneficiaries - Receiving and assigning Official Gazettes, newspapers, other publications, and forwarding them to the end users - Purchasing stationary, ensuring the purchase of necessary materials for the Registry, keeping records on materials costs and cash used for sending mail in the Parliamentary Assembly - Performing other tasks in line with the laws, by-laws and acts of the Parliamentary Assembly

Employment Department

Employment Department Responsibilities organizing and implementing the human resources policy - Announcing vacancies and conducting assessments of candidates - Co-ordinating and monitoring the formation of selection panels and performing administrative-technical duties for selection panels - Keeping records of employees in the Parliamentary Assembly as stipulated by the law - Working on developing programmes for employee professional development in the Parliamentary Assembly - Organizing training for employees in the Parliamentary Assembly - Organizing professional and study visits for employees in the Parliamentary Assembly - Performing other tasks in accordance with the law and acts of the Parliamentary Assembly

Operational – Technical Department

Operational and Technical Department Responsibilities performing operational-technical tasks for the Secretariat - Typing - Installing sound wiring in the halls and making audio recordings of the sessions of the Houses, committees and other users - Installing and handling the equipment for simultaneous interpretation - Performing video streaming of plenary and committee sessions, postproduction, and preparing recorded material for archiving - Copying original texts, or matrices on copiers, for the needs of the Parliamentary Assembly - Scanning materials on copiers - Keeping records of copied materials - Upholding general technical standards - maintaining and servicing of printers, copiers and binding machines on a regular basis - Organizing and providing transport for official and protocol needs - Ensuring official vehicles are in good and clean condition - Keeping records on the usage of vehicles - Providing technical maintenance of halls and other premises of the Parliamentary Assembly on a regular basis, taking care of its booking for other users, and also undertaking all necessary activities for their maintenance on a regular basis - Keeping necessary records on bookings of the property to other users - Taking care of the keys and security of premises and property - Providing security officers for meetings taking place in the halls of the Parliamentary Assembly - Ensuring the decoration of the premises, in line with the requests of the building manager - Performing other duties in accordance with the acts of the Parliamentary Assembly