Constitution and main regulations

About Parliament

The BiH Parliamentary Assembly building is situated in the central part of Sarajevo, in the area of city called Marijin Dvor. The building is 20 km away from Sarajevo International Airport, and 1 km from the bus and railway stations.

Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Trg BiH 1, 71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina was established by the Constitution of B&H.

This highest-level legislative body of Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of two Houses: the House of Representatives and the House of Peoples. All legislative decisions enter into force upon adoption by both Houses of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH.

Until 2002, the mandate of Members of the Parliamentary Assembly lasted for two years, but upon the 2002 Elections, they have been elected and delegated for a four-year mandate.

Parliamentary Assembly of BiH enacts laws, approves the budget, and makes decisions on the sources and the amount of revenue needed for financing the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its international obligations. The Parliamentary Assembly confirms the appointment of the Chair and Members of the BiH Council of Ministers, grants consent to ratification of international treaties and decides on other issues that are necessary to exercise its own responsibilities or those assigned to it by an agreement between entities.

The Houses of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH perform legislative, informative and oversight activities and regulate internal structure and their own modus operandi. The seat of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH is in Sarajevo, Trg BiH 1.