Common Service

International Relations and Protocol

Head: Mirsada Bukarić - Kovačević

Following departments are within International Relations and Protocol Section:

Department for Cooperation with International Organizations (Multilateral Relations)

Unit for Cooperation with International Organizations (multilateral relations)
has the following functions to carry out work related to monitoring and participation in the preparation of sessions of PA and its delegations’ work in the international organizations at multilateral level; to keep minutes of meetings and perform other professional activities for delegations and international organizations at multilateral level; to collect data, participate in preparing the reports and information for delegations and international organizations at multilateral level; to provide translation of  documents from English into one of official languages of BiH for the Parliamentary Assembly, and vice-versa; to  provide simultaneous translations at meetings in the Parliamentary Assembly and in meetings attended by Speakers and Deputy Speakers; to prepare documents on issues related to the implementation of BiH foreign policy, international, economic and other relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina with foreign countries as well other issues for delegations; accordingly to perform tasks related to the realization of direct parliamentary cooperation and other international collaborations, departure, reception and welcoming of delegations and officialsvisiting the Parliamentary Assembly; to study documents, initiatives and proposals submitted by international organizations to establish international cooperation; to provide an expert and documentary analysis of the respective issues and to inform delegations thereof; to monitor the implementation of delegations’ conclusions; to perform professional and other administrative-technical activities related to the delegations’ work, and perform  other duties assigned by delegations; to cooperate with relevant institutions and their bodies in accomplishing tasks falling within the scope of delegations. 

Bilateral Relations Department

Unit for bilateral relations performs tasks that are related to establishment and development of bilateral parliamentary cooperation; it performs monitoring over bilateral agreement conclusion; it prepares platforms, agendas and other documents required for inter-parliamentary meetings at high level; it cooperates with BiH Ministry of foreign affairs in preparation of bilateral discussions; it provides initiatives, organizes meetings, monitors, analyses and and collects information on parliamentary activities of other countries; it initiates and cooperates with diplomatic and consular representatives accredited in BiH; it organizes official visits and participates in visits of foreign delegations and officials in BiH; it provides simultaneous and consecutive translation from and into b/h/s languages; it provides written translation of all documents related to the international  bilateral cooperation, it keeps up-to-date internet site on activities of Department, prepares decisions on official visits to foreign countries for representatives, delegates and employees of the Secretariat.   

Protocol Department

Protocol unit is in charge of performing protocol-related tasks, organizing and participating in receptions, visits, departures of both domestic and foreign representatives and delegations; it cooperates with other protocol institutions of BiH and related bodies of other institutions and organizations; it prepares and proposes programmes and runs protocol-related activities of official visits and departures of representatives or delegations from BiH and foreign countries; it provides translation regarding delegations’ official visits; it makes necessary reservation (rooms, accommodation, transport etc); it organizes timely recognition / reward and oath ceremonies, it prepares invitations and notices on the respective activities; it files and maintains whole documentation of protocol-related activities.